Master Programme Chemistry

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The Master's degree programme in Chemistry forms the basis for entering the profession of a chemist in research, technology, industry, medicine, agriculture, food production, environmental and chemical-relevant official fields of activity. 
Graduates are able to conduct scientific research in chemical and chemistry-related subjects independently and in a leading position, as well as to apply acquired competences in an interdisciplinary manner to solve chemical problems. Moreover, alumni are able to enter a PhD study programme.

Graduates will be awarded the academic degree of “Master of Science” (“MSc”).

NAWI Graz – Expertise to the Power of Two

“Chemistry” is offered as a joint program by TU Graz and the University of Graz within the framework of NAWI Graz. For students, this means benefiting from the top performances and expertise of two universities – an opportunity unique in Austria!

Career Opportunities

Chemists work in the fields of chemistry, pharmacy, medicinal chemistry, food chemistry, environmental chemistry, materials chemistry and natural products chemistry, for example in the following occupational fields:

  • Research and teaching at universities and institutes
  • Industrial research and development
  • Quality assurance and control, process monitoring
  • Public administration in chemical, environmental or medical fields (e.g. in risk assessment, chemical safety and immission control)
  • Product management
  • Chemical analysis, medical and environmental diagnostics (e.g. in industry, in clinics, with authorities)
  • Patents (national or international organisations and companies) 


Academic year 2022/23 and 2023/24: There will be no individual admission procedure. General admission requirements will be assessed.

Admission to this joint master study programme is either possible at TU Graz or University of Graz:

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 TU Graz  Universität Graz 

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