Joint NAWI Graz Professorships

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Joint nomination of professors

Appointing a new professor is always a major decision for a university. It has a significant effect on how a particular subject is represented in terms of research and teaching on a long-term basis. In the case of NAWI Graz, the two universities have agreed to align future professorships according to section 98 and 99 University Act located in the five NAWI Graz areas. This ensures that each discipline is represented comprehensively, and that both universities are able to stay future-oriented when deciding who to appoint.

Extending the existing practise of coordinating future nominations of professors in the area of natural sciences, both universities started to conduct the joint nomination of professors in 2010. Appointment committees according to section 98 University Act in this nomination procedures consist of members from both universities. Using this approach, all experts are integrated into the process of finding the best scientist for an open position, and as a result, the professors nominated are perfectly integrated into the NAWI Graz cooperation right from the start.

The following professors (Section 98 resp. section 99 para. 1 and 4 University Act) have been nominated jointly:


NAWI Graz Professors in Bioscience
Name: Subject Allocation: Home Institute/University: Start:
Prof. Dr. Christoph Sensen Computational Biotechnology Institute of Computational


Prof. Dr. Ronald Kühnlein Biochemistry 1 Institute of Molecular Biosciences 2016
Prof. Dr. Karl Gruber Biocomputing Institute of Molecular Biosciences 2016
Prof. Dr. Robert Kourist Molecular Biotechnology Institute of Molecular Biotechnology 2017
Prof. Dr. Bettina Weber Botany Institute of Biology 2019
Prof. Dr. Sandro Keller Biophysics Institute of Molecular Biosciences 2020
Prof. Dr. Tomas Werner Plant Physiology Institute of Biology 2021


NAWI Graz Professors in Chemistry
Name: Subject Allocation: Home Institute/University: Start:
Prof. Dr. Leonhard Grill Physical Chemistry Institute of Chemistry 2013
Prof. Dr. Adrian Daniel Boese Computational Physical Chemistry                         Institute of Chemistry 2014
Prof. Dr. Paolo Falcaro Bio-based Materials Technology Institute of Physical and
Theoretical Chemistry
Prof. Dr. Martin Wilkening Solid State Chemistry of modern
Energy Storage Systems
Institute of Chemistry and
Technology of Materials
Prof. Dr. Tim Zeiner Process Systems Engineering Institute of Chemical Engineering and
Environmental Technology
Prof. Dr. Paul Hartmann Nanomaterials Technologies Institute of Chemistry and Technology
of Materials 
Prof. Dr. Wolfgang Kroutil Biocatalysis Institute of Chemistry  2018
Prof. Dr. C. Oliver Kappe Organic Synthesis Technology Institute of Chemistry  2018
Prof. Dr. Erich Leitner Analytics of Food and Food Contact Materials Institute of Analytical Chemistry
and Food Chemistry 
Prof. Dr. Ulrich Hirn Pulp Fibre Technology Institute of Bioproducts and
Paper Technology   
Prof. Dr. Gregor Trimmel Chemistry and Technology of Organic Materials Institute of Chemistry and
Technology of Materials
Prof. Dr. Karin Stana-Kleinschek Chemical Technology of Biobased Organic Matter Institute of Chemistry and Technology
of Biobased Systems
Prof. Dr. Katalin Barta Weissert

Organic Chemistry/Renewable Resources

Institute of Chemistry  2019
Prof. Dr. Tanja Wrodnigg Carbohydrate Chemistry Institute of Chemistry and Technology
of Biobased Systems 
Prof. Dr. Jörg Feldmann Analytical Chemistry/Environmental Analytics Institute of Chemistry 2020
Prof. Dr. Eva Roblegg Development and manufacturing of
drug-delivery systems
Institute of Pharmacy  2021
Prof. Dr. Viktor Hacker Hydrogen Fuel Cell Technologies Institute of Chemical Engineering and
Environmental Technology 


NAWI Graz Professors in ESES
Name: Subject Allocation: Home Institute/University: Start:
Prof. Dr. Torsten 
Theoretical Geodesy and
Satellite Geodesy
Institute of Geodesy 2015
Prof. Dr. Christoph Hauzenberger Petrology and Geochemistry Institute of Earth Sciences  2018
Prof. Dr. Thomas Marcher Rock Mechanics and Tunnelling Institute of Rock Mechanics and
Prof. Dr. Philipp Berglez Navigation Institute of Geodesy 2021
Prof. Dr. Christiane Helling Space Science Institute of Theoretical and
Computational Physics
Prof. Dr. Tobias Bolch Remote Sensing Institute of Geodesy  2023
Prof. Dr. Klaus Witrisal Communications Engineering and Satellite Communications

Institute of Communication Networks and Satellite Communications 



NAWI Graz Professors in Mathematics
Name: Subject Allocation: Home Institute/University: Start:
Prof. Dr. Klemens Fellner Mathematics/Computational Sciences Institute of Mathematics 2011

Prof. Dr. Karin Baur 
(now with University of Leeds)

Algebra Institute of Mathematics 2011
Prof. Dr. Jussi Behrndt Differential Equations Institute of Applied Mathematics   2011
Prof. Dr. Michael Kerber Computational Topology and Geometry Institute of Geometry 2015
Prof. Dr. Gunther Leobacher Stochastics Institute of Mathematics 2017
Prof. Dr. Siegfried Hörmann Applied Statistics Institute of Statistics 2017
Prof. Dr. Bernd Thaller (retired) Educational Mathematics Institute of Mathematics 2018
Prof. Dr. Daniel Smertnig Algebra Institute of Mathematics  2019
Prof. Dr. Christoph Aistleitner Mathematics Institute of Analysis and Number Theory    2020
Prof. Dr. Christian Clason Mathematical Optimisation Institute of Mathematics  2021
Prof. Dr. Stefan Thonhauser Applied Mathematics Institute of Statistics  2023


NAWI Graz Professors in Physics
Name: Subject Allocation: Home Institute/University: Start:
Prof. Dr. Axel Maas

Theoretical Physics 2 (nonperturbative
quantum field theory)

Institute of Physics 2014
Prof. Dr. Martin Sterrer Experimental Physics 1 (Surface Physics) Institute of Physics 2014
Prof. Dr. Claudia Haagen-Schützenhöfer Educational Physics Institute of Physics 2017
Prof. Dr. Martin Schultze Experimental Physics with special emphasis on Optics and the Science of Light Institute of Experimental Physics 2019
Prof. Dr. Astrid Veronig Solar Physics Institute of Physics 2019
Prof. Dr. Gerald Kothleitner Electron Microscopy Institute of Electron Microscopy and Nanoanalysis 2020
Prof. Dr. Peter Banzer Experimental Physics - Optics of Nano and Quantum Materials Institute of Physics 2020
Prof. Dr. Thomas Weiss

Theoretical Nanophysics

Institute of Physics 2021
Prof. Dr. Birgitta Schultze-Bernhardt Experimental Physics Insitut of Experimental Physics   2022
Prof. Dr. Egbert Zojer Physics Institute of Solid State Physics  2023



NAWI Graz Fulbright professorship



Concerted actions regarding the nomination of visiting professors also have a long tradition in Graz. For this reason, both universities have begun a cooperation with the Fulbright Commission, in order to establish the programme “Fulbright-NAWI Graz Visiting Professors in the Natural Sciences”. This programme aims to bring distinguished researchers from the United States to Graz for teaching as well as for research. Each Fulbright-NAWI Graz professorship is funded for a four-month period. Fulbright-NAWI Graz Visiting Professors are integrated into research and teaching at both universities, which makes the programme highly beneficial for students and researchers. Students attend lectures given in English by native speakers and researchers get the chance to start new partnerships.



NAWI Graz Fulbright Visiting Professors
Name: Subject Allocation: Home Institute USA: Academic Year:
Prof. Dr. William W. Woessner Hydrogeology

Department of Geosciences
University of Montana, Missoula, MT

Prof. Dr. Edina Harsay Molecular Biology Department of Molecular Biosciences
University of Kansas, Lawrence, KS
Prof. Dr. Nicholas Baeth Algebra

Department of Mathematics and Computer Science, University of Central Missouri, Warrensburg, MO

Prof. Dr. Karin Ruhlandt Inorganic Chemistry Department of Chemistry
Syracuse University, Syracuse, NY
Prof. Dr. Wayne Becker Molecular Biology Department of Botany, University of Wisconsin-Madison, WI 2014/15
Prof. Dr. Andrew Proctor Chemistry Department of Food Science, University of Arkansas-Fayetteville, AR 2015/16
Prof. Dr. John Shervais Geo Sciences Department of Geology, Utah State University, Logan, UT 2016/17      
Prof. Dr. Reuben Hudson Green Chemistry Department of Chemistry, Colby College, Waterville, ME 2017/18
Prof. Dr. Irena Swanson Algebra Department of Mathematics, Reed College, Portland, OR


Prof. Dr. Vladimir Tsukruk Materials Science School of Materials Science and Engineering,
Georgia Institute of Technology, Atlanta, GA
Prof. Dr. Vivian Feng Chemistry Analytical / Material Chemistry,
Augsburg University, MN
Prof. John Schmitt Algebra Department of Mathematics, Middlebury College,
Middlebury VT


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Cooperating partners

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