NAWI Graz Virtual Library

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The NAWI Graz virtual library is a very good example of how to make best use of synergies beyond research and teaching.
As a result of negotiations with publishing houses, the University of Graz and Graz University of Technology were given the opportunity to jointly purchase literature for both universities at particularly favourable conditions.

The range of the NAWI Graz virtual library comprises:

Elsevier Backfiles

A total of 437 different journals by Elsevier can be accessed from year one to 1994 as electronic resources. The e-journals cover the following areas:

  • Biochemistry, genetics, molecular biology
  • Chemistry
  • Earth sciences
  • Mathematics
  • Physics


Wiley-Blackwell Backfiles

A further 200 journals – again from year one to the mid-1990s – are offered by the NAWI Graz virtual library and can be accessed quickly and easily from any working place on campus.

The e-journals cover the following areas:


  • Biotechnology, Biochemistry and Biophysics
  • Analytical Sciences
  • Cell and Developmental Biology
  • Chemistry
  • Chemistry Societies: Annalen, Angewandte, Berichte and more
  • Polymer
  • Earth and Environmental Sciences
  • Food Science, Technology and Agriculture
  • Materials Science
  • Mathematics
  • Physics and Astronomy


The journals can be accessed via the Electronic Journals Library (EJL) as full papers. For many of these journals, more recent issues are also available through regular subscription by the university libraries.

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