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Since 2006, TU Graz and University of Graz have been jointly offering study programmes in the areas of Bioscience, Chemistry, ESES, Mathematics and Physics.
In order to gain additional qualifications; NAWI Graz students have quite a few options:
Supplementary study programme "Leadership – acting responsibly in society and business"
This programme provides advanced NAWI Graz master students with interdisciplinary, work-relevant and character-building competences. It focuses on decision-making, strategy and strategic planning, project management, self-management, business and financing, marketing, communications, networking, leading, management and digitalization. More info here:
basic information:

  • Regular programme with admission at KFU
  • Instruction language: German
  • Duration: 2 Semesters / 45 ECTS
  • Restricted admission: certain progress in a relevant master’s programme, completion of TIMEGATE-courses
  • Concludes with a certificate


NAWI Graz master modules
Interdisciplinary master modules (free electives, German taught) provide NAWI Graz master students with highly valuable knowledge resp. competences:
Currently, there are:

  • Module legal bases - Contract law and tort law: Includes contract law, contract conclusion, characteristics of general terms and conditions, ground for nullity, civil damages law and product liability. LINK
  • Module TIMEGATE (Transfer initiative for management-, entrepreneurship-basics, awareness, training and employability): Practically oriented content for future entrepreneurs and also employees with focus on business, personality and perspectives. More information on the courses can be obtained from here.
  • Module Chemicals-Humans-Environment: Provides important knowledge in the areas of environmental law, REACH-bylaws (Registration, Evaluation, Authorization and Restriction of Chemicals) and protection of employees. This seminar is offered in the summer semester.

Courses in the intersection between Technology and Gender

The social construction of „Technology“ as a masculine domain is addressed in the seminars  Technik und Geschlecht I / Technik und Geschlecht II from different points of vies. The aim of these seminars is to analyze and discuss gender stereotyping in science and engineering, its historical and cultural backgrounds, and ways to break up gender barriers in engineering on educational and political levels.

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