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Instead of offering separate study programmes, Graz University of Technology and the University of Graz started to conduct joint NAWI Graz study programmes in Bioscience, Chemistry, Earth, Space and Environmental Sciences, Mathematics and Physics in 2006.

NAWI Graz curricula are developed by an inter-university committee and approved by the senates of both universities. This means that the universities have to agree which share of teaching is provided by which university, since lectures for a NAWI Graz study programme will be offered only once in Graz.
NAWI Graz students are registered at the university of their choice and will also be automatically co-registered at the partner university. During their studies, they are trained at both universities and are able to choose supervisors for bachelor’s and master’s theses from the university of their choice, without changing the university at which they are registered.

Benefits of the NAWI Graz study programmes:

  • higher quality of study programmes by using the best resources of both universities
  • eliminating duplicate lectures and courses
  • increased permeability of study programme structure
  • larger choice of possibilities for bachelor’s and master’s degree students
  • new and well-matched master’s programmes

As a result of NAWI Graz teaching, the fields of studies have been increased. As of winter term 2022, 21 NAWI Graz bachelor's and master's programmes (6 bachelor's and 15 master's, thereof 10 masters' programmes taught in English) with a total of 5,100 students are offered jointly.

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Cooperating partners

 TU Graz  Universität Graz 

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Overview: NAWI Graz Study Programmes

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