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Bachelor Chemistry

The bachelor study programme chemistry teaches the essential basics in chemistry. The main focus lies on substance knowledge and the reactivity of chemical compounds. Furthermore, practical skills and analytical and mathematical thinking will be imparted:

The joy in experimenting is an important prerequisite, but one should also master precise analysis as well as the documentation of facts. As the bachelor programme combines numerous aspects to a whole, it is a good preliminary stage to a consecutive master study programme.

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Master Chemistry

Aim of the master study programme chemistry is to acquaint students with an in-depth overview of chemistry's basic subjects. This is enhanced by electives in electrochemistry, catalysis, materials science, spectroscopy and biosciences.

A completed master study programme in chemistry creates opportunities for a number of careers. The spectrum ranges from research, analytics, quality control to teaching, vocational training, management, journalisms or patent law.

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Shaping our future with Chemistry

Chemistry is a central link between numerous disciplines like technology, pharmacy, materials science, power engineering, medicine, pharmacology, environmental protection or nanotechnology.
Knowledge of chemistry - or to be more specific - molecular actions allows to face various challenges and to shape future oriented developments.
The study programmes in chemistry offers great prospects on exciting and versatile careers.

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Cooperating partners

 TU Graz  Universität Graz 

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Academic Authorities:

Prof. Tanja Wrodnigg
Dean of Studies, Graz University of Technology (BSc/MSc Chemistry)

Prof. Klaus Reichmann
Dean of Studies, Graz University of Technology (Dipl.-Ing. Technical Chemistry)

Prof. Wolfgang Bauer
Dean of Studies, Graz University of Technology (Dipl.-Ing. Chemical and Pharmaceutical Engineering)

Prof. Nadia Mösch-Zanetti
Chairperson of Curricula Committee, University of Graz

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