Master Programme Chemical and Pharmaceutical Engineering

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“Intelligent“ pharmaceutical drugs can be tailored to the age, sex and lifestyle of the individual. These medical products of the future can be oriented to the characteristics and needs of people and thus have the potential to revolutionise medical care in a fundamental way. Shorter development times and a far more economical production have made pharmaceutical engineering into an economically relevant factor. The four-semester master program Chemical and Pharmaceutical Engineering links the scientific disciplines of Chemistry and Pharmacy with the engineering discipline of Chemical and Process Engineering and thus represents a master program unique in the German-speaking area. The language of instruction is English.
Graduates will be awarded the academic degree of “Diplom-Ingenieurin” (female) or “Diplom-Ingenieur” (male), abbreviated (Dipl.-Ing), which is internationally equivalent to a “Master of Science” (“MSc”).

NAWI Graz – Expertise to the Power of Two

“Chemical and Pharmaceutical Engineering” is offered as a joint program by Graz University of Technology and Karl Franzens-University within the framework of NAWI Graz. For students, this means benefiting from the top performances and expertise of two universities – an opportunity unique in Austria!

Career Opportunities

Graduates have job opportunities in the field of chemistry and pharmacy as well as in corporate or communal environmental management or in local or central government. Possible working areas include:

  • Research, development, planning and production in the chemical and pharmaceutical industries;
  • Industry or local or central government;
  • Environmental management;
  • Teaching and research.


For beginning the programme in the academic year 2020/21, the admission procedure has already been completed.

Academic year 2021/22: There will be no admission procedure.

Admission to this joint master study programme is either possible at TU Graz or University of Graz:

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